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                  Electric Daulrail System (EDS)

                  EDS is an intelligent conveying system which applied to heavy load, extra-length, and extra-width work piece conveying, it has the characteristics of smoothly Operation and intelligent control, etc.It is mainly applied in logistics conveying of heavy truck, bus and
                  construction machinery,etc.
                  Main parts: steel structure,track, power supply system, heavy loaded trolleys, heavy loaded switch, non-standard customized hanger and electrical control system, etc.
                  Main features:
                  .Modularity design of system is convenient to flexible extend.
                  .Heavy load trolley has the function of individual drive, frequency control, accurate positioning and data communication.
                  .Heavy loaded trolley can be designed to lift and down, rollover etc.
                  .Overhead layout saves ground space. The EDS can realize the heavy-duty work piece conveying, sorting, temp-storage, distributing and can also build solid and full intelligent conveying network combined with other conveying equipment.
                  .Intelligent control system is equipped with functions of wireless communication,industrial bus,data management, fault warning and self-diagnose.

                  carframe coating double track transmission line

                  Application in Bus


                  double track(pinion-and-rack) transmission line

                  double track(riding) transmission line

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